Скачать мод для payday 2 hoxhud

Welcome to HoxHud, an Overkill Approved Mod! The HUD does NOT require any core A Screenshot of PAYDAY 2. By: Kawaii Mercenary. 26 Jan 2016 Welcome, in this Tutorial I will displaying how to Download and Install the PAYDAY 2 Modification: Hox Hud! Watch my YouTube Video Tutorial on How to Download and Install the Hox Hud - PAYDAY 2 Modifcation. Welcome, this is a Tutorial on how to download and install the PAYDAY. 26 Jan 2016 - 4 min - Uploaded by ZagsTheManCurrently HoxHud is being created again as the recent PAYDAY 2 Updates broken their. 22 Mar 2018 Description; Images (1); Files (2). Installing this mod will automatically increase the informativeness of your InfoHUDs by 30%, and the average. 20 Oct 2016 2. Download the archive from the link provided below. Then simply extract that archive into your 'Payday 2/mods'-folder. 3. Check the 'Included. Bah, who even cares': - Updated for compatibility with BLT 2.x - Added an empty Download to disable bottom Infobox ( Hoxhud Restoration. 7 июн 2016 Скачать1.58 Мб - hoxhud_p9.1.12_manual_install.7z расширение интерфейса и некоторых возможностей PAYDAY 2, делающих вашу. 10 июн 2014 Скачать1.46 Мб - hoxhud_p1_self_installer.exe. Теги: Интерфейс, Моды. Описание и инструкции. HoxHud - это мод добавляющий дополнительные индикаторы, Например G:\steam\SteamApps\common\PAYDAY. /r/paydaytheheistmods - A subreddit all about modding Payday 2, and discussing said mods But Wolfhud doesn't have Pete Gold saying "HoxHud Initialised" It works fine on my end, did you download the latest release. To install you have to first subscribe to the HOXHUD group on Steam. Then find the download link, unzip the files